Treasure [Witch] hunt at Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple

The great hunt is on and each day crores of value worth antiques are unraveled from the hidden chests and dark chambers of the great Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple. Its really mesmerizing to read all about the treasure and its hidden coffers in such an ancient monument and engineering marvel.

South Indian temples really fascinate me, its grandiose structure and innate work and fine grained artistry really entices me. These temple just shows the passion of people who conceived this structures and passion of people who worked for them to make it as they are – a resilient structures which can withstand 1000 years of time and tide.

Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple is relatively a young temple compared to great Chola or Pallava monuments in Tamil Nadu. The great temples in Tanjore, Chidambaram, Gangai Konda Cholavaram, Kumbakonam really bowl me over when I stand before them like a kid with eyes and mouth wide open.

Its really no surprise that so much of treasure is hidden beneath the stone structure of Padmanabha Swamy temple. In fact each and every ancient temple in South India surely would have had such secret treasure troves, but alas now everything is lost because either being looted by British or invading Muslim Kings and if they have survived those stooges our own people might have siphoned off them. The crux is we Indians don’t take pride in such structures nor do we care about these marvels. Many people loathe going to temple for various reason – being an atheist or aversion to crowd or laziness to travel and many other silly reasons. No wonder in Chidambaram you see lot foreigners with cameras than Indians with camera. They are fascinated by them than us.

Coming to this unraveling story of treasures in Padmanabha Swamy Temple – what will happen to them? Now that secret is out in the open vested interests in different quarters may be frothing in their mouth to take control of temple or to seize a nickel out of it and keep it in their showcase or worse siphon it off for money. Remember the price being derived is just based on current market rates, if you add the antique value of these pieces it may run into more crores in value. But it would also be insane to argue that these whole thing is proprietary of one family now. These treasures are not earned by them, they might have been got as gifts to the state, as tax and wealth of the state. So today a family cannot come and claim them because of a lineage. Its like our Prime Minister claiming rights on India’s economy. I feel it belongs to the people of Kerala and its upto the people be proud about it, be passionate about it and care about it and preserve it for generations.

Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple is one of those finest temples out there where a visit can really calm your soul and soothe you. Its ranks high in the way its maintained and run. A big kudos to the Royal family and the trust which does it – after all they never got tempted to loot the treasures till now. Alas that today we have denigrated to such a passé that arbid ego clashes and petty interests have lead to this skull drudgery of a situation and we have no one to blame but ourselves [read Hindus] for such an impasse. From here if an ordinance is promulgated and secular Congress party decides to put a secular person [like Mr. George Joseph or Mr. Mohammed Haji] in the trust running the temple we just have to live with it.

Now the question is next what? What to do with the treasure – should we use it for eradicating poverty or negating some of our fiscal deficit or implement NREGA with that? Anything can happen in this country. I am sure some insane voices would opine that now that people know about the treasures they are not safe where they are and should be put in bank vaults. Nothing can be disastrous than that. We have smart people in this country who even though cannot be creative can easily be creative enough to make fakes and swap the real ones. Hope we won’t tread that path. I personally would like them to maintained where they are and status quo maintained on it. Or even if they can make some great fool-proof arrangement to exhibit them and open the chambers for public that would also be good (something like public viewing every year say, for 2 weeks and then they are back to the chambers). I personally would like to see them and more than the treasure I would be excited in seeing the secret chamber and its security plugs.

Its not clear as to what will happen to the temple or the treasures – a handful of cronies and their ego will decide its fate. But thank god they can’t take the Lord away or take the shrine itself away. Those two are enough for mere mortals like me to be happy about.

A walk in the alleys of this sacred temple is enough to transpire you to another realm, to mesmerize you about our rich history and culture and hope a day will not come when they won’t even allow to do that!


11 thoughts on “Treasure [Witch] hunt at Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple

  1. Arun, truly said the facts. The least we can do is to cherish those childhood moments when we were there and dream of those days, which can bring back the memoirs to real days. Hope to settle in TVM in some days/months/years

  2. It is really appreciable, the hidden wealth is made public; and let it remain as the property of the temple. Or otherwise, this treasure could have been perished in an unfortunate natural calamity.. if and when occurred.

    Let us think with open heart. What is the meaning of preserving this huge treasure?
    And for whom?? With the approval of temple authority and royal family part of this
    Treasure could be immediately utilized for distributing the electricity line of Kerala
    Through underground cables, so that the high risk and transmission loss (leakage)
    Could totally be eliminated. Unlike all other states, this is highly essential due the high vegetation and tall trees, blocking the transmission lines in Kerala.

    Secondly, it is as clear as day light, that the social equality is not maintained,
    as the minority community is enjoying the major portion of wealth in Kerala.
    Let us take this opportunity to uplift the living condition of downtrodden people.

    • @Sadanand

      Its not correct to say that someone has enjoyed the wealth. In fact no one has really enjoyed the wealth. The Travancore rulers were so noble and gracious that they have donated so much whole-heartedly to Lord himself.

      As far Electricity lines and Poverty eradication – isn’t our tax money not enough for that? Why to allow this wealth also to funnelled out by corrupts in Government?

      Again what we have got is antiques not cash and Cheques in Satya Sai Trust. Most of them are 500 or 1000 year old items basically more of historical value than material value.

      I firmly believe it needs to be preserved and exhibited to world.

      We can build a world class museum like the ones in France and Italy and enhance tourism and what ever proceed that comes from that can be used for philanthropy

      • Arun, I don’t think @Sadanand was referring to the wealth of the temple.. he was making a general statement about what feels — that in Kerala, minority community is enjoying the major portion of the wealth. Now, I am not sure which community he meant, but I am writing this since I feel you took it as “someone was enjoying the temple wealth”. Or am I wrong?

  3. I am not sure what he meant? if minority – is non-Hindus I agree to Sadanand
    If minority in this context is Raja Vamsham or Royal family then I disagree to Sadanand

  4. Dear viewers,
    All this tresures and values will be equally distributed by the polilticians. They never care about the public as they wanna be millionaires.. How can they miss this golden opportunity given by god for the public??

  5. Dont think off that this treasure belongs to this state os another one . The main thing is that it belongs to india . If they would submitt this all or may be some amount of gold what would happen ? Did you ever imagine that . Basically it will increase the value of our currency Rs. Nowdays the value of rs45=1$ . But after submitting that much amount of gold can make it like rs4=1$ how better is that na. So i request to the owner of the temple to submitt that treasure into a government bank of india . This is not a time to think about your city or state its time to think about your country an that will make india such a powerful country in both economical and of having power in hand purposes . I am of 15 year and i can think about it so how can you not . Just do that and let our country to rock you know that countries like america is having their eye’s in such a huge amount of ornaments . Thank and have a beautiful life for all the indians and also think and write about the matter in blogs and facebook.

    • @Shubham…

      Y you People thinking about Selling, God’s Ornaments. Will you sell ornaments of Your Mother or Fathers to save India, or Increase Value of Indian Rupee. It sounds Ridiculous. Its Lord Padmanabhas Wealth and Not India’s. Never Ever Try to submit it to Govt Treasuries. What did this Congress Do to Indian Economy. they Ruled Majority of the Period after Independance. What They did is supported Cristian Missinaries and Islamic Groups to do anythign they Want in this Country. They did nothing to Hindus. Congress is nothing but a Rennovated East India Company which Destroyed and still destroying Indian Culture, Moral Values, Beliefs and Indian Tradition. Never Ever try to Touch God’s Wealth. The wealth of Padmanabha Does not Belong to India but it belongs to Hindus in India who belive in Lord Vishnu. And Not to anyother Religion. Christian Missionaries are Funded by Foreignors. They Looted us for Centuries. Still Indian Wealth is Hidden in Temples. That’s the beauty of Hinduism and Indain Culture. For your Kind Information Indian Culture means Hinduism.

  6. Hindus are not united. they will not stand together. Always defeated by Foreigners. somanath temble was looted by gajni. Govt. will not enter in churches, mosques or Kurthwarahas. christian population is 2.5 billion. islam population is 1.6 billion. they have religious states. hindus population is 1.0 billion. we are the third position.It is better to take some steps to guard our religion and culture. First. ONLY FREE DARSHAN should be implemented. rich or poor all should be treated equally in all temples.Second, temble trust must maintain schools and hospitals with nominal fees for all indians without religious bias. it will be useful for all. devottees donates god. temple must return something to our people.

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