The revanche of the Methodist – 5 things I got right in 2009

Well, the last day of the year, time for resolutions for many. But let me just retrospect what went right for me in the bygone 365 days.

  1. Stickler for fitness – Yes! this was the greatest achievement of 2009. I have mentally and physically coniditioned my body that I feel welter of guilt if I compromise on my fitness anymore. A One hour exercise regime is very much ingrained into my daily routine now. And I can feel the goodness of it all day long. On the flip side of it is the kerfuffle I make when I am made to eat delicious and luscious sweets and snacks at home šŸ™‚ Those days weren’t far back when the most my body can physically exert was to run for 40-seconds in a stretch. With small baby steps I have improved on it that now I can do a 30mts/3.5km run without a break.
  2. Early Riser – Well, I am composing this post at 5.30AM in the morning, need I say more! The arrant energy you feel when you are up early from bed feels so good now. I was very much rambunctious early 2009, morning started at 8AM on weekdays and 9AM on holidays. Now no matter which day it is I would be in very much disquietude if I am in bed after 6-6.30AM. And this step is the enabler for my previous achievement (1)
  3. Work Ethics – Working in an MNC has it’s share of self induced woes emanating from the arrant luxury and flexbility it offers, one being the timing. Starting the day at 11AM and winding it at 9PM, with no general discipline was plaguing me for long, now I am reaching office early enough at 9AM, well before others trickle in and probably that is the most productive time of the day before office gets filled up. Also, my daily schedule I track with GMail Tasks and try to stick to it. I still need to work on more discipline, and try to get out home by 6PM daily and not to waste time in twitter in office hours. And I have been inspired much by Passionate Programmer by Chad Fowler in this front (thanks to @protoiyer for gifting it)
  4. Writing Unit Tests – Maintaining Legacy code is my job. Till now it’s been the grind of edit and pray mode of working, where you change one part and just hope and pray it doesn’t break some other feature. Ā Things have started changing after I learnt JUnit and DBUnit this year. For every new feature I add, I am trying to write Test Cases. It’s still very nascent stages and I am still learning the trade and still long before I reach the stage where I write failing Unit Test first before I add production code. But whatever little Test Cases I did, it’s being quite effective and helping me expedite bugs before it reaches production.
  5. Starting a Blog – Blogs are dying! Long live Blogs! This year I have decided to start yet another blog, just to document historic temples of India. Every year I visit many of them, set aside the religious aspect of it I am just fascinated by their sheer beauty, tranquility and history sorrounding those structures. I just want to document all those visits and spread word about them to others. It’s our heritage and I am proud of it. So here it goes “Incredible Temples of India”.

So those are the fine and copaceticĀ moments of 2009, Ā hoping for a better 2010.

Wish you a Happy New Year!


    2 thoughts on “The revanche of the Methodist – 5 things I got right in 2009

    1. Excellent post, buddy! You continue to set the standards for the rest of us to follow (or aspire to follow). Glad that you have turned into a fitness freak from the sleepy eyed boy I remember from the distant past. Kudos on starting your second blog. Thanks for taking the time out to tell the story of temples. I am sure many would benefit from it.

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