Why I am not so enthused about Chrome?

Ok, Firefox 3.5 came and as a self-pretending geek 😉 I jumped into the 3.5 bandwagon by upgrading my good old firefox instantly. But things went haywire, 3.5 crashes when some one sneezes in the next bay that was the experience. Frustrated I migrated to Chrome. The problem mostly occurs for all our intranet sites.

I have been using Chrome now for past 1 week or so, I must say I am not that much enthused by Chrome. I think the biggest advertisement for chrome was that each tab is a separate process so one tab crashes, I can still continue with other tabs. But I never experienced that sweet spot using Chrome.

I listen to lot of talks/songs in Youtube and Chrome’s Shockwave Plugin is not that astounding. It does crash may be once or twice per day. So in between my work suddenly I see that chrome has frozen. When I do Alt-Tab it doesn’t enter Chrome. Now I just want to kill that conking tab which is freezing my brower. So I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL. I see 25 chrome’s in that processes tab. Which one should I kill? I think best way to guess is using a Random Number Generator. I make some random guess and start killing processes and it neatly kills the tabs of the half read articles and blog which I wanted to finish and one of those processes is the Master, killing which chrome closes completely.

Which Chrome to Kill?

Help me- Which Chrome to kill?

So WTF is the hype and harping about each process for a tab. It sucks! I will move back to Firefox 3.5 once it stabilizes.

I also didn’t like Ctrl+F text box coming in Right hand corner where my eye never reaches first and I think they kept their thinking user just stare at the keyboard while typing text. And ofcourse not to mention those cool plugins of Firefox, which I miss like Feedly, Last Tab & Dictionary.


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