Srisailam Trip – 2007

After an ordeal of a trip in the summer of 2005 smothered with some fine memories it was time for another Srisailam trip. This time it was a packaged tour from APTDC. The deal worked out to be 660/- per head inclusive of conveyance and stay in an uber cool resort in Srisailam for one night, altogether I felt it was a dandy of a deal.  

 Off we set on Friday, Aug 17th an early morning start with overcast sky and benign weather promised it to make it a picture-perfect trip. So I loaded my camera with fully charged batteries and a neatly formatted 2GB card to capture every bling of nature. The travel itself is very pleasurable as the destiny. Srisailam route criss-crosses rustic villages and Nallamala forests which houses Nagarjuna Sagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve. Nallamala forest is the hotbed of Naxal movement and the forest covers are profuse hide outs of naxalites. An avid watcher can easily spot monkeys, deer’s and wild boars enroute to Srisailam.

Srisailam is on a hill top about 2800mts above sea level. Going from Hyderabad one has to hop from one mountain to the second one through a gorge which houses the Srisailam dam between the two mountains.  The beautiful spectre of nature unravels when one descends the first mountain pass through a narrow bridge to start the ascend of the second mountain. The bridge runs parallel to the dam at least a couple of kilometers away. Standing on the bridge embers of tranquility engulfed me; all around lustrous tinge of green from the skirting mountains lent a mystic charm to the place. The river – which is a sangam of Krishna, Tungabadra and Bhima rivers – underneath was in full spate thanks to the copious rains and shutters of the dam were open aiding the cataclysmic flow. The sight of water gushing-seething-scuttling out from the dam was mesmerizing and it really pulled everyone into a thrall.

 Our first stoppage was at the dam view point. Enthralled by the spectacle everyone was out with their cameras and truly a photographer hidden in everyone was blooming out. Sheets of water were cascading down the dam walls and once it cascaded down, from the sheer pressure the sheets of water ricocheted and transformed to a shape of parabola made from droplets of water. The water gushing looked like infinite lustrous white beads of pearl roiling down in a chain. Because of the sheer force of tumbling water the whole milieu was draped with tiny droplets of water as if an artist has stippled the canvas of nature with tiny white pearls. The atmosphere was engulfed with these sprinkling droplets and from a distance it was as if writhing vines of steam emanating from a hot water stream. It really made my day I was gasping and swooned by these splattered water droplets and splashing river traversing amidst the silent mountains.   

 The next stop was Panchganga which is a small waterfall amidst thickets of forest cover. A very tranquil and serene place and its believed Sankaracharya scripted Soundarya Lahiri and Sivanand Lahiri sitting here. Our next stop was Padal Ganga which also is the backside of the dam or the reservoir. A rope-way takes one to the bank of the reservoir and a boat ride through the water was a riveting experience to behold forever. 

Coming back to Srisailam the destiny – the abode of Lord Mallika Arjuna Swamy, Srisailam holds a high pedestal as is one among the 12 Jyothir Lingas in India. The idol itself is half concealed underneath the earth. One of the most amazing traits of this temple is devotees are allowed inside the sanctum sanctorum and are allowed to touch the main idol itself and one can ever perform pooja on the main idol in their own, which is not allowed in any other South Indian Temple.

Next day morning after a nice darshan and sumptuous breakfast we embarked on the return journey another joy ride through the natures lap bequeathed with charm and greenery. Most of my pictures which I shot in this trip were taken sitting in the moving bus on the return journey and to my surprise they have come out very well, truly capturing the natures best with tactility and are here to stay refurbishing my memory – a poignant travel memoir.


10 thoughts on “Srisailam Trip – 2007

  1. I stayed near the Temple. APTDC has many hotels near the temple.
    I am not aware of any forest acco/jungle lodges in the sanctuary.
    Best is you can stay in the town and in the national park they have some day safaris which you can take.

  2. hi would like to know,that do we have to do the booking before hand for staying at SRISAILAM.& how to reach there.

  3. You can reach there from Hyd by hiring a taxi or Public Transport or APTDC buses. Its about 240km from Hyderabad.
    Acco can be booked from any APTDC outlets in hyderabad. Also check out APTDC sites for more info.

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  5. hi,

    can u tell me the details of to whom we have to approach for the safari in nallamala forest. waitining for ur reply……..

  6. Hi Arun,

    I am Bhaskar, working at Hyderabad. I want to visit the Srisailam Tiger Reserve. I, specially, want to capture the jungle flora and fauna (esp. tigers) on my camera. The dam, temple and other places, would come only after the tiger reserve, for me.

    So, can you give me some info:

    1. Is packaged tour from APTDC better than planning it out myself?
    2. Where should I get the bookings done, and do they include tiger safari in the packaged tour? [would be thankful, if you give some contact of APTDC]
    3. Will it be hard / difficult / not recommended , for a single person to go for the trip?

  7. Hi All

    The trip to srisailam has more than BHAKTI . I am aged 55 and love travelling, trekking (spirit and flesh are strong, though purse is thin!).

    It took whale lot of selling to bring both my sons to agree for such a trip. They agreed, though, with a rider-not too many temple visits. I conned them .So we a team of four (self, my wife and my sons) hired a Car and had a very cheerful youngster who was behind the wheel.

    I am not going to dwell on the temple as it is very obvious to all. After the Darshan, we set out for ISHTAKAMESWARI Temple, off the Sikhara road and in to the dense forest of NALLAMALA KONDALU.We hired a Jeep and it carried a number equivalent of a cricket team. The Journey is a bone shattering experience and we were literally on the edge of our seats. You require courage more than a Helmet. The scenes are to be seen than described. While in the Journey one comes across streams and boulders, slush, marshy land and jagged ways where the clever driver marshals all his skills to manoeuvre and take us safe to the destination. There will be eerie silence and one will be thinking of a tiger on the prowl, though we could not see any. It takes an hour to cover a distance of ten kilometres in this rugged terrain and ultimately the Jeep comes to a Halt-not because of any mechanical failure.

    We got down and walked (not a straight line, thou) about 300 metres to sight Lord Vinayaka smiling and moved farther and were welcomed by the gush of a small stream. We got into the stream and washed our feet and entered a small cave like structure (one has to bend his /her Head. I did not and got hurt and realized that I can not be headstrong at least before the GOD (DESS).

    We were asked to apply tilakam on the forehand of the deity (which is just a couple of feet). We express our desire and all our ISHTAMAS (WISHES, LIKES etc) and the Benign Goddess Kameswari fulfils those.

    My Sons instantly fell in love with the Nature, away from the humdrum city life and the punishing schedules. In the return, we were accosted by our Driver, who was travelling in another Jeep which broke down in the middle. My Driver shared his anxiety, excitement with all of us sending a cold chill up our spines (pardon, James they Hadley Chase).My Driver could not go the temple.

    People say that who ever is resolute to have the DARSHAN of the DIETY can only perform this arduous journey.

    On the whole a wonderful trip.

    DONTS: Please avoid tiny tots, mothers with babes in arms and people who are old (I included).It becomes painful to sit in the Jeep.Please carry enough drinking water.

    Also a strict no no for women who are in the family way!

    Enjoy the trip.

    If you want to learn of places like YAGANTI, AHOBILAM, BELUM CAVES, I will be too willing to share them with the fraternity.

    Yours happy traveller

    Murthy Palakodeti

  8. Hi Arun,

    U have gaven nice description of Srisailam Journey but it will be more interesting if u would have posted pictures what u have taken along with this

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