Top 3 Presidential Candidates

The commies dikat is out for the upcoming Presidential polls “….a secular candidate with political background….”. The word secular in the vernacular of commies is obviously to be interpreted as someone who has proven traits of being anti-Hindu (esp. middle class Hindus), minority appeasement gets bonus and political background means he/she should have slithered around with politicking in his/her past?

Under such a concoction  of politics and secularism the top 4 candidates coming to my mind are

1. Arundati Roy – A hardcore hypocrite,  funded by NGOs to globe trotting, stay in five stars and known for giving acerbic speeches on India and Indian civic to elite European, American diaspora. So whenever there is development/industrial/infrastructural projects involving land acquisition Arundati and coterie are there upright with a Socialist Commie ideology to put hurdles in the project and grab media attention worldwide. Her secular credentials are impeccable, after her fight for a Afzal Guru (Muslim) convicted by Indian Law for terrorism. And also have many such vibrant ideas like troop pull out from Kashmir, ways to malign and demoralize armed forces for human right violation etc. Overall a fitting bill for a political, secular candidature matching wavelength with Commie ideologies.

2 .  Arjun Singh – The messiah of  Muslims and downtrodden sections of Indian society, fighting hard  and raging a battle today against social  injustice,  apartheid,  untouchability and what not? An entirely palatable candidate for Commies for doling out sops to (creamy layer) for the so called backwards he is definitely one of the strong contenders. It would be even sacrilegious to question his secular credentials. Having strong political background for amassing wealth and building bungalows worth 20 crores in 1980’s its time for all to give serious thoughts on this contender. And above all he is a good player of yes-man, sycophantic roles all through his life for the Family.

3. Shahabuddin Bihar RJD MP with strong political credo with 52 criminal cases on him. Vast experience of Constitutional loop holes to escape each time after being convicted. Being a Muslim no one can question his secular colors. And probably the only candidate who can match the Left mandate of “person with thorough knowledge of the working of the Constitution”.


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