Serving Trash – The Hindu

The filter coffee and The Hindu the quintessential combo for many South Indian homes for starting the day. But now the combo has gone awry at least for me. The Hindu the leading light for news and analysis for decades has renegaded itself to a voluble mouth-piece for Commies dishing out acerbic articles for the sake of Socialists.

So what we see now – fortnightly bashing for BJP, Narendra Modi and Gujarat. Then once in two weeks the obedient sycophant M/S. Harish Khare would play out his sycophantic notes for the family and Manmohan. Attack the US capitalism and harp on Iran. Its a such a sham the editorial and analysis. A case in point, is the analysis of UP verdict where Mr. Khare has surmised it like this

“Above all, the U.P. vote is the first evidence of a kind of “Manmohan Effect”: the country’s collective nerves remain calm and un-excitable, despite occasional provocations from jihadi groups.

While there is no cause for the UPA bosses to feel greatly excited, there is also no need for them to persist with their self-doubts.”

At the ground level its pretty eminent that verdict is decisively against UPA and the family has abjectly failed in its propaganda, The Hindu and Khare  wants to make us believe that defeat of BJP is a victory for the family. The height of Commie-ism was witnessed in Nandigram coverage when editorial were penned by Karats absolving themselves (Commies) from the blame of taking innocent lives and putting it squarely on other parties and naxalites, where as the fact of the matter remains Buddha bungled it when coming to maintaining law and order/acquiring farm lands. Whatever the Commies say, truth remains that Guajarat remains the best managed state with best-in-class infrastructure and investments and the 30years of Commie rule is not taking West Bengal anywhere in terms of investments, industry or quality of life.

I reckon editorials and analysis should subjugate the people to think apolitically and should be the medium for vibrant discussions. Instead The Hindu is just serving trash by enslaving itself in its nepotism and jingoisms for a few parties and bereft ideologies.

Now if anyone is really interested in some quality opinions and analysis I recommend make a switch to Business Line, though from the same media house of The Hindu, I hear its under different management. The difference is distinct and quality is top notch. Even though a Business News oriented paper, it really serves the purpose for a reader who is really looking for some quality analysis, views, and opinions. The opinions are written by eminent scholars and researchers without any political moorings and most articles have positive connotations and this is something which all should read, rather than being entangled in the morbid political rivalries and blame games and casteisms which is eating out the psyche of this nation.

So next time a CRR is hiked or 123 agreement is signed or Wheat price is raised by 100/quintal or a Vidharba happens or a SEZ is acquiring lands scan through the Business Line  OP-Eds to see the real implications and ramifications of course all without the tinge of political shades. Apart from the OP-Eds Business Line also has some quality add-ons like New Manager (as the word says its about managing people/organizations by new manager), e-world (happenings in IT world), Life, Investment world (shares, mutual funds, loans the whole of investments), Mentor and of course the daily Last Page titled Variety which can enthuse all and sundry with interesting stories.

So I have made the decisive switch, The Hindu to trash and The Business Line in hand with a mug of aromatic coffee.


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