Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50

After Tom, Dick and Harry now I too am an owner of digital camera! Got the Lumix DMC-FZ50 model from Panasonic.

Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ 50

As cricketers say “Let the willow do the talking”, let me just show you the images and let it do the talking. Let me introduce Chimpu-the Chimpanzee, my sons best friend. Here you see Chimpu yelping on the railings of our balcony enjoying the photo session. Now this Chimpu always likes to be the center of attraction, as his liking I have taken this shot with all focus on him. So as you see the background building is not looking as sharp as Chimpu and the railings does. This is done by keeping the Aperture Priority to 3.2.

Chimpu f3.2

Now let me quickly show the same Chimpu with aperture of f11.0. Chimpu hates it if he knows he is not the center of attraction. So quickly have a glance at it

Chimpu f11.0

Sharpness of the background and Chimpu are even in this aperture mode.

Ananthu and Chimpu love water, cold water bathe makes them guffaw merrily. The sound of gushing of water from the pipe makes them excited. And water that ubiquitous life line – captured in oceans, waterfalls, rivers, drains and rains enamors our eyes. So let me show that gush of water from the pipe though not enticing as waterfall.

Water 1/40

So you see the pipe and water gushing out. But the water looks like losing some sheen and transparency and looks like an extended rod from the pipe. Lumix had taken this with a Shutter Speed of 1/40 or exposure of 0.025 sec. So let us try to restore some beauty of the gushing water. The next one is shot with shutter speed of 1/500 or an exposure of 0.002 sec.

Water 1/500

Did you notice that small wavering pattern and transparency of the water? Oops! bucket overflow let me pour some in the mane of Ananthu.

Chimpu and Ananthu’s favorite pass-time is to stand in the balcony and peer at the distant road and on the swooshing vehicles madly swirling ahead of the other in the race against time. Let us see some of the vehicles moving on that road. Here is a jeep seems to going at a high speed.

Jeep f/6.3 1/320

Even though the jeep is moving at roughly 60km/hr its looks as if stationery in the road. Lumix took this shot with Aperture of 6.3 and Shutter Speed of 1/320. Now let me show you how these vehicles are zipping through the road.

Zipping Vehicle f7.1  1/250

Did you see that? Hyundai Accent Car appears to be actually zipping and the background looks kind of blurred as in eddying. This is captured with Aperture of 7.1 and Shutter Speed of 1/250. This zipping effect was bought in by slightly moving my hand with the car 😉

The HITEC City where we live as you know is the hub and frenzy of construction boom in Hyderabad. In our backyard is rising up a new commercial building. Have a look at this man working under sweltering heat in hot sun.

Construction WB-Cloudy

Does it look like a cloudy-gloomy day? Well its the effect White Balance Adjust. Lumix can control the color temperature so in the above shot I have kept White Balance as Cloudy to bring that appearance. The same thing under an incandescent light setting will be like this

Construction WB Incandescent

Boy! does it look like Sun is at its peak?
One of the biggest problem while taking photos is exposure or amount of light on the subject compared to its background. Many shots I have taken in my good old Kodak KB-100 camera gets spoiled because of this. To see what I am telling have a look at this snap.


Here the focus is on the corridor in front of our flat. But the light outside is so bright that any subject in front is going to appear dark like a ghost. Lumix allows me to control exposure on the subject to compensate the bright background. I can under-expose or over-expose the subject.

Corridor Over Exposure

Now you can see the background outside the railings is not so bright as I have increased the exposure on the subject, in this case the corridor.
I suppose I have bored you with my paeans on Lumix DMC-FZ50. Feeling sleepy? Well my son is definitely feeling so. Let me just go and put him to sleep showing him the bright moon risen on the eastern horizon.

Moon with 12x

For the curious- this shot is taken with 12x Optical Zoom. And in any night shot what you need is to increase the sensitivity of the lens and here I have kept it to ISO-400 and Shutter Speed of 1/400.
Here is another shot on Mr. Moon with an ISO-800 setting.

Moon ISO 800
Now that I have let my willow talk, what do you feel? Is it just another Tendulkar or Tenducker whatever you call? Or will it be a Ricky Ponting?


5 thoughts on “Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50

  1. yeah i am least interested in how efficient ur cam is in focussing blurring and blah blah blah…but the anecodtes abt ur son and chimpu were very funny 🙂 lets have more of them instead of these boring uninteresting mundane photos(excepth the chimpu one)

  2. Heyy, very interesting pics … thats means you started planning with your new Toy .. Good I wish i would also have something like very soon 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your new DMC-FZ50. I am waiting to receive my new DMC-FZ50 myself. Great camera and equally great photography tips. Keep ’em rolling.

  4. I ;loved the Chimp anecdtote

    as a V-Lux 1 owner…the Lumix 250 of the Leica World i can mots surely attest to its image worthiness

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