The Factory has churned out another flick – Nishabdh. What a name to a film production company -Factory. Whenever I hear the word factory first thing coming to mind is churning out stuff in a assembly line – a repetitive monotonous affair. Factory is where innovation is one time at design and rest is just mechanical production. True to its name Factory churned  out some good movies like Rangeela, Satya and Company — and subsequent lots of production have been worth a shrug off.

Coming to its new product Nisabdh good thing about it is the awe inspiring locales of Munnar where the plot is set in and RGV has captured the essence and greenery of Munnar without any tinker in his frames.  Surely this film will do a world of good to Munnar and provide fillip to its booming tourism. The story itself revolves around 5 characters and invariably you know its all about illicit relationships and infidelity. Earlier we had night-mare called KANK which was glorifying this theme in a Bollywood Masala ambience. This one takes it one level further by conceiving a relation between 60 year old man (who though looks like 70+ in the film) and 18 year old lass who seemed to forgot wearing her bottoms all through the film.  But thankfully its not Karan Johar who is directing the film, so no songs, no concocted wits, no grisly tears and of course no rock and roll. The emotions are captured by the photography in the frame itself or sometimes just by mute silence. And finally RGV seems to have played safe neither delving on the genesis of such a relation nor the fall out of it.

But film is well scripted and shot. After a long tiring day or on a hot sunny afternoon under the comforts of air-conditioned multiplex watching this film can make you doze off intermittently. That doesn’t mean you should put off your plans of watching this film. Somethings are good like the acting of AB, Revathy and Nassar, the photography, the screenplay and then picturesque Munnar and the crew have definitely done their homework before setting on the project.


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