Marty says bye-bye!

I was psyched when I read it. Damien Martyn retires from cricket with immediate effect. Was he made to retire? Or is it peer pressure or is it high morality? Whatever be the reasons a calibre like Martyn is not fit to play Cricket in Aus; truly unbelievable.

I was just digging cricinfo to see his last few ODI innings in his illustrious career.

Read Team, Runs(Balls), First Innings(F)/Chase(C), Result

NZL 78(91) C Win

WI 17(24) C Loss

Ind 73(104) C Win

NZL 26(54) F Win

WI 47(71) C Win

Undoubtedly a pivotal role in most matches and importantly a match-winner.

Now think about the guy whom many in India sing false hossanas and paeans. Let me give a leniency here, I omit the SA tour undergoing now. Let us see the scoreline in last few ODIs

Aus 12(17) C No result (rain saves from ignominious defeat from 35-5)

WI 65(102) F Win

Aus 4(10) C Loss

Eng 35(41) C Win

WI 29(45) F Loss

Aus 10(26) F Loss

See the trick; apart from one stroke of brilliance against WI, he couldn’t even manage anything decent considering his stature. Makes me think WI innings was just flash in a pan. SA tour has truly exposed his state of natural decline. He still goes on and on. There is no peer pressure, there is no morality, and of course selectors don’t have gumption to strike with iron hand.

Of course there are even worse performers hovering around wearing Mayur suitings.


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