Mental Obesity

I strive to be a connoiseur by not making ignominous and wierd mistakes!!

Did you spot the mistake? There’s one s missing in connoiseur (ought to be connoisseur) and one i missing in ignominous (ought to be ignominious) and it’s not wierd but its weird.

My innate and foolhardy writing skills today fails me and such silly mistakes creeps into the lilting prose which I try to pen. Now they call it Mental Obesity.

Blame it on computers, blame it on MS Word, blame it on Firefox, blame it on software!! I don’t care much about spellings in the most granular level. I shudder, when I think I’m just with a paper and pen contemplating to write an article for my blog. God knows! how many spellings are going to be weird and fallible.

So how vulnerable you are in this realm?

So are computers graying out our mental faculty as automation (mechanical) has squeezed out our Physical Activity? Is it the ultimate challenge to muster Design Patterns and develop a best-in-class software or is it small things like remembering a spelling or quick calc on brain of 37*47, that matters more in life……I ponder.


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