Su.Do.Ku. Mania

Have you experienced this? Morning wake up and have a brush and sit on the sofa; one hand hold a piping hot Madras Filter Coffee and in the other the late night Edition of The Hindu. At one end you have the smell of the Madras Filter Coffee sneaking into your nostrils and in other end the smell of freshly printed paper pulp. And your head sink into the blighty and pithy op-eds with your mind scurrying in thoughts – about the content or sometimes about a new word which has been unearthed and added to the dictionary in mind. Well, this has been my routine for past (thinking….) 8yrs.

Alas! Now everything seems to be in tantrums; with this new raging, engulfing passion inculcating in other inhabitants in home. The Number Mania, The 1-9 Mania, The Squares Mania.

Me: What the heck this is?

Wife: This is Sudoku; unlock your brain cells dear.

Net effect:-
I scamper through the corridors and front-doors looking for the paper. There is no chance…other beings who get up earlier than me (of course I am the last) have regurgitated to the door and collected their papers. I have two subscriptions Hindu and Business Line and ironically both comes with SuDoKu. So now, I feel the kick of drinking Madras Filter is gone without the op-eds to read. But then I had a nice idea!

Got a couple of books like Sudoku – Will Shortz; hoping for a respite to get my paper back. But then life takes its own course and the move boomeranged big-time. So now I’m confronted with invigorated passion in Sudoku solving. Morning solve the papers, afternoon start with the books.

Innocuous visitor to my home now may be taken for a surprise every furniture has a new paraphernalia on top of it – a pencil here, a sharpener there, a eraser on the side. And then you see people sitting in corners and writing 1-9 erasing some of it and again writing 1-9. No boss this is no kindergarten – Welcome to the world of Su.Do.Ku.

Me: Give me the damn paper?

Wife: Have this for now – The Metro Plus supplement dear.

I feel like asinine; brood about it; but then I read Calvin and Hobbes and take things lightly.


3 thoughts on “Su.Do.Ku. Mania

  1. There was a time around 2 months back when the author of this article was crawling on the floor, legs up, tummy down, with a slice of newspaper in one hand and chewing the pencil glued in the other, playing with the same set of 9 digits… Guess where!!! – Sowmya Hospital.. celebration of the arrival of the young one!!!!

    Adding one disclaimer[missed by the author] – The characters in this article do not belong to my house!!

  2. Hi Dear,

    What you wrote is an exact replica of what is happening in my life since roughly an year back. The largest chunk of my time in 2006 was wasted(?) in Sudoku! Sudoku while sleep, Sudoku while eat, Sudoku while work and Sudoku while wait!

    I have been more fascinated by this game not just because it gives some kind of joy, but in search of something that is very SPECIAL involved in the mental actions during it’s solution phase. What I observed is that during each new pattern, INVARIABLY, there comes a phase when I feel sleepy! And if situations permit, I DO SLEEP then! It could be inside my car (of course, not driving) or at this very chair in front of my PC.

    In relation, I must proclaim that I am a master of sleep management. I Can keep awake for many days&nights in a stretch and also hibernate for as many days if situations allow. My average sleep time has been 2 hours per day for last 30 years. ( Not a disease, no insomnia, just that is what I really need.)

    Sudoku even takes over my ability to control sleep! And I have enquired a few of my other friends too about this phenomenon and they too agree to be in line!

    So, today, being curious, as I googled with “relation between sudoku and sleep” there comes up your interesting blog, duh…!

    So shall I ask you, Do you too encounter such (weird!) sleepish situations!?

    you may preferably mail back to me…

    (Off Topic: If you happen to be a Malayali, I invite you to join the മലയാളം blog circle! It can be quite interesting and pleasantly surprising!)

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