Muslim Nepotism – II

Congress is at it again. Lame ducks have contested that “Shariat panchayats could be established to settle disputes between two persons and their fatwas are not in conflict with or parallel to the Indian judicial system”.

Wow! smacks off logic and proprietary. Talking about Muslim Personal Law and Shariat the greatest testament is the Imrana rape by her Father-in-law. The elites and erudite of the Shariat Law have pronounced the dastardly verdict “Treat your husband as your son!”. But Congress feels this is the fundamental right of Muslims to live in this pre-medieval and barbaric traditions and project them as India’s historical tolerance and pillars of secularism.

And what a coincidence another enlightened Muslim Panchayat has delivered another landmark verdict today — drive out the rape victim out of village and cut her off from the family; justifying our parties stand of Shariat as heightened seats of law and justice.

All in the name of Secularism. Go ahead Soniaji! Go ahead Madam Manmohan Soniaji!


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