Creamy Layer, Lee Cooper, Hush Puppies and a Swatch

To include creamy layer in reservations or not is the question? Well my mind waddles down the memory lane; circa College days. These thoughts conjure up in my mind.….

 A lazy Monday Morning day in the class; a wisp of perfumed fragrance oozes into my nose from the air blowing from the acacia gardens behind the class-room. I realize its not a natural smell, my mind ponders and then I realize those are the concocted odors of costly cologne spritzed in someone’s body. I turn around to see two guys and hear their muffled voices.

 Monday afternoon – lab time. Chappal (Shoe) stand bolting outside the lab door is filled with all sorts of shoes and sandals. I see a congregation of guys near the chappal stand and curiously I poke my head between them. The discussion was veering around a brand new chappal adorning the stand. The brand of the chappal read “Lee Coopers”. That was the first time I was hearing such a brand in the communist country. Then one of the guys enlightened us about the brand, its cost and its whereabouts. We took a gasp and parted seeing the influx of materialism in the socialist forte. Then the next day again point of attraction was chappal stand and my brand innocuous mind learnt about a new brand of shoes called “Hush Puppies”. Those were the days we knew only about Bata, Boots, Carona, Puma and Action shoes. Another brand Woodlands was a costly dream for us. I had thought then one day I too will wear these brands and in fact I bought my first Woodlands shoe of my life after getting into my first job and my first Lee Cooper chappals for Rs. 2000/- after joining Oracle.

 But then I also learnt about some more new brands – heavy metal watches branded Swatch which I am not daring to buy any day in my life. Then Lee and Levis brand of Jeans which we never get in Trivandrum, but obviously have heard a lot about it in those days. For us life would be satisfied with a Killer Jeans.

 Today when India is talking about Creamy Layer these thoughts from my college days fill my mind. About these new brands of shoes, clothes and perfumes which were quite out of our wraps and caught us unaware in our brand-pristine minds. And to no surprise all these materialistic goodies were fisted into our world through gulf money ushered in by two guys – who secured the coveted seat in our department through quotas.

 Do these genre of guys really need crutches in life? Don’t have the world of fortune and comforts built for them to come out of the shackles and take us head on? Or is it that short cut to success is too luring for them at the cost of the deserved ones? Now I am deluged in such thoughts.

 This is the creamy layer of India which I believe the Supreme Court talks to be excluded and alas those voices are interpreted as judicial pro-activism and breach of trust and constitutional rights by the political buffoons who rule us.
We as a nation are into tyranny of backwardness for the tryst with social justice and importantly anything that seems sensible to our (Middle Class/FC Indian) intellectual faculty are being ruthlessly burrowed and scythed by politicians and main stream media.

Disclaimer: Not meant to hurt feelings, just showcases how bad our system is. 


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