An elusive cry…

Aug End:-

Lying on the bed I could feel my son’s leg in her womb. Every night I could feel the feelers sent by him – the kicks and his wriggles sending ripples across her tummy and those were the days on the verge for he could come out any point. Right from those days we could hear an elusive baby cry….a shrillness that peeks in to our ears reminding us of the days ahead. It was a baby in the next block SMR apartments who has just arrived. I believe it’s a SHE from her cries. Till today every morning we pry in the opposite apartment balconies to see the cloth-lines lined with laundry gleaming in the sun. We could never find a nappy or a tiny tee-shirt. The origins of the cry remains elusive but sound never elopes us.  

 Sept: –

Our son arrives and he lands here with an evasive companion awaiting him; whose companionship he is never coy to accept. This also means the days of duet cries are here. One starts…the other stops…..other starts…this stops….this starts…other too starts….and just mix-n-match the starts and stops a gamut of combinations and rhythms traverse the air between the blocks.

Once in a while his stifling squirming and cries get outs of hand; when our jabbers and pats just doesn’t work; when his face turns red as an apple of shouting we gently tell to him…oh! Boy look at that SMR girl how good mannered she is passing an indignant look on him. Then just when things get under control….we console him all that sweet chides were not for him…but for her 😉

Then once in a while when in a giggling mood we stroll with him in the balcony the cry flows from the opposite side and we spritz a kiss on him saying Ananthu is a good boy! And for this he may make a sound of approval….like Haaa!

At times when we put him to sleep or play with grandparents we start hearing the cry….deep in our mind we know its not his but still we walk to take a look at him and give him a gentle clasp in his sleep or play and then continue our chores.

So the days pass….he and his compatriot giving sleepless nights, timeless joy and a feeling of completeness in the house. Some day we will meet his friend and exchange confabulations till then their cries bond our evasive families through the air.

I hope the same story repeats in the other side of the wall too…..


6 thoughts on “An elusive cry…

  1. Who wrote the above comment, da? Looks like one of you wrote it and the other commented upon it, but unfortunately, it appears as though Apple has both wrote the article and commented upon it.

    Btw, the last two articles have been wonderful — the Diwali one and the one about little Ananthu. Thanks for sharing such wonderful moments in such a vivid manner. A few pix wouldn’t hurt ;).

  2. well, i was wondering what was with the comment and i see that proto was also thinking the same. two great posts and then again, proto beats me to it 🙂

  3. Blame it on Firefox for remembering my name 🙂 when she was writing the comment.

    Nice to know that people are liking the writings, a great encouragement for me to indulge further in the world of words.

    As for photos – I don’t have digital camera. We are taking lots of snaps in my analog Olympus camera and developing those. Also we are making a photo album for him cobbling together all the moods and milestones in his life in those frames with witty comments given by us. It will be fun for you see those one day!!

    Currently we are also scanning those photos and burning it in a CD. I will definitely share those but it won’t be great quality as taken by digi cams.

  4. Arun, you don’t need a digital camera. Some of the older photos of Bangalore days (your last birthday as a bachelor, for example) were taken using a dirt cheap analog camera. The pix quality is pretty good even in that.

    Yeah, you have a talent for writing and Preethi too feels the same. She really liked this article and said she is impressed with the way you linked the two cries.

    Wishing you and your family many more fun filled and fulfilling moments in life in the days, months and years to come. Now, go share the pix!

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