New look Reader

I have been using Google Reader for last 6months. But I had a grudge about it from the day I began using it. It just dumps all my feeds in a form of listing based on date. This way I could never organize them neatly. For instance I wanted to see Desicritics sepearate from slashdot which I could never do. I could never understand the relevance of labels in a RSS feed nor how/when to use them nor it occured to me that I should label a news item at any point of time.

So here is the blessing in disguise….reader now sports a new look. And instead of a raw dump like a DBMS trace file it neatly organizes the feeds under its respective source; which (source names) are listed on the left pane.

Good thing is the look is now consitent with Gmail. So you have expanded view or List view. There seems to be a good user experience team in Google.


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