Muslim Nepotism

I was waiting for this day to come. So here we have a Terrorist who has master-minded the attack on the altar of Indian Democracy killing many innocents. For a change, he is caught, convicted and the verdict is out; for a change justice is not delayed — to hang him by next month.  I think this is the apt punishment for people who are out cold-bloodely killing innocents.

Oho! wait a minute I forgot as always it coincides that Terrorist  is from the Minority Community in India – Moslem. So for the past couple of days I was left wondering why the great Indian National Congress was not ranting and raving about this verdict of killing a Minority Community Professional Killer.

I’m not disappointed; things have started working out…..boot-lickers are out to save the killing of a Moslem. I am sure clemency will be granted. Pity you great soldiers who have defended this rascals on that fateful winter day of Dec. 13th and sacrificed your life!! Your sacrifice doesn’t hold any meaning for us.

I suggest give him a Bharat Ratna and honour him and let Sonia & Madam Manmohan live in the pipe dream of capturing UP 🙂

I’m ashamed to call myself an Indian. I loathe about it day in and day out.


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