Drinking tea before bed?

Our family has a strange custom. My father, mother always need a hot-piping-strong tea before going to bed. Whatever they do for dinner, even after a exotic buffet in Taj we return home and make tea. And I have also acclimatised to this custom. So I can also sip a glass of hot tea before bed for a peaceful sleep.

Many people are bemused when we say this. I have seen umpteen number of people who drink tea to stay awake for studies. And for us the opposite works out.

And today I found an interesting write-up in the Life (a suppliment of Business Line Friday edition). It goes like this:-

“Tea leaves are rich in L-theanine, an amino acid that helps the brain to relax. So, you are on the right track! L-theanine has been found to put the brain in the alpha mode — relaxed, yet not drowsy. The more often the brain is in the alpha state, the more the immune system strengthens.

L-theanine practically prevents bad dreams, enhances the quality of sleep and you feel refreshed (not groggy) on awakening. You are fortunate that you have stumbled upon tea leaves that seem to contain more L-theanine and less caffeine. When the caffeine content is high in tea, it overrides L-theanine’s alpha effect and keeps you awake.”

So start drinking Tea before bed 🙂


8 thoughts on “Drinking tea before bed?

  1. The linking of the ingredients in the Tea to a good night’s sleep is pretty interesting. Probably I need to try it out for some days to see whether it helps me feel refreshed on waking up. That will be the ultimate test! 🙂

  2. i have always known just one simple thing about tea!IT IS GOOD ANYTIME!…again,interestingly,the tea consumed/appreciated at different parts of India are different…while u probably like nilgiri tea(which is less leafy and more dusty if i am correct,and more liquor,correct me if i am wrong),we prefer Darjeeling tea(which is very leafy and more flavor than liquor)…:)variety everywhere…isn’t it interesting?

  3. I drank Chai tea before bed one night, it was nice until went to sleep, that night I had the craziest dreams of my life!

  4. Tea for me is soft and relaxing .I like loose tea from the tea emporium ,nothing like fresh tea , My fav is china milky oolong and organic English breakfast ,havin a cup now then off to bed !

  5. try psyche calm tea from teesasgarden.com it is a great night time tea with chamomile, lemonbalm, mint, and other relaxing herbs

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