I’m in the Baby Boomers League

So here I’m losing my celibacy and a father in the making. Amongst all those anxieties of routine check-ups, heamoglobin count, sugar level, weight increase, back aches is the most important tension finding the right name for the tiny-tot!

Desicritics is my favourite desi site. I just love it and here is an interesting stuff I saw very much relating to my life now- An eulogy to Suresh.
Suresh, Ramesh, Harish, Rajesh, Mahesh the hep of the late 70’s 🙂 Four of my close friends are in the list and I also know of a Rajesh of my generation. So now the esh-es are out…….

I truly agree with the author (eulogy of Suresh); people now are going crazy on finding a unique name, an exotic one, an unheard one and perhaps unthinkable combinations. And Maneka Gandhi has tapped this rage by releasing a book “Indian Baby Names”. Recent names I had heard from the baby boomers around me are quite interesting – Iravan, Khushagra, Ipsitha, Soham, Sravana…..and all those I am hearing for the first time.

So what will we be our unique selection 🙂

There is a saying in Malayalam “Kalla Pettu ennu ariyum mumbey Kayar edukalley”; “Even before the Ox is born don’t run around in search of a rope”;


3 thoughts on “I’m in the Baby Boomers League

  1. i was searching for U(rather,when u mentioned i also found out how difficult it is to get hold of names,and i just got curious and kept an eye for new words) for God’s sake!!!!

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