My old chums would be cudgelling me with vituperation; if I say I watched KANK on the second day. But I dared to venture into that misadventure; inspite of the fact that my wife is into 36 weeks of pregnancy ๐Ÿ™‚

But what to do, in this movie parched land; where there is not beacon of good movies ushering in; I decided to take the plunge in a theater at stone throw distance from my apartment and Oracle buddies doing the tough job of getting tickets in white at my desk.

To be frank Karan Johar movies had always given nightmares to me…….it goes on and on and on for 200mts+. There is no logic and there is no paucity of glossiness, unreal emotions and morbid life styles. Somehow Hindi Blokes like this unreal depiction….they want to see their stars in a fantasy world and they enjoy it. We (Keralites) enjoy Mohan lal in Lungi and in colloquial verses more close to reality.

To cut a long story short…..KJ would have well spent the crores he has wasted in this venture by giving to a Mani Rathnam or Kamal or Fazil to make a classic or worst to Mahesh Bhatt for Murder-II.


11 thoughts on “KANK

  1. Hey, was planning to go and watch it this week. Good that I have been cautioned. Btw, The Hindu had carried an article about how different the movie is from the previous two not-so-great ones from KJ. I also read that Big B send a bouquet and a card congratulating KJ on handling such a sensitive issue with such finesse. Guess even he has been spoiled by the overdose of average movies that he appears in.

  2. One more thing…the timings of the posts and the comments are displaying in GMT I guess. I posted the previous one at 1:09 AM and it shows it as 7:39 PM. It would be great if you can reset it to IST. Thanks.

  3. Oh!!!u WATCHED IT!!!U!!!and u never mentioned that :))…ok,so it is another typical kj film,cmon,in any case,what except did u expect from a KJ movie???but arun,this is not fair,not all hindi blokes who love hindi films love karan johar movies,dont categorise that way!

  4. Hi Baisakhi,

    I do share Apple’s view that Hindi films are generally stupid and the film viewing public really seem to love all those Raja Hindustanis, Devdases, Kabhie Kushi Kabhie Gums, Yet-Another-Boring-Love-Story etc.

    The situation is changing thanks to the new breed of good directors, but generally the stupid unrealistic movies rule the roost. Some of the movies I enjoyed over the last 5 years include Lagaan, DCH, Swades (even that was a flop you know!), B&B, and Parineeta, not to mention Madhur Bhandarkar’s and Mahesh Manjarekar’s movies. But the thing is, AFAIK, such movies are few and far between.

    — Proto

  5. Baisakhi,

    Ki bolchen? Ami tomake bole tai na? Anyways ami Oracle Show HiTech Theater e jayeche.
    Coming to point, I think I can make certain concessions for Mishti Bengali’s like you ๐Ÿ™‚ wrt to run-of-the-mill Hindi stuff.


    KANK and you? Should I call it the Whiff of Inspiration blowing from Chembur ๐Ÿ™‚
    And to add to your list Sarkar, RDB, Taxi 9211 (Nana Patekar), Aapharan (Nana Patekar), Ab tak Chapan (Nana Patekar), Company (Lal), Gangster were quite refreshing in the past.

  6. Dey, I wouldn’t rate Sarkar or Apaharan in the same league as those I had listed. IMHO, I had missed out only on RDB and Company. I had also missed out mentioning the name of one good movie in which Tabu plays the role of a Mumbai dance bar girl. That was a great movie. I have forgotten what was Gangster. Sorry!

  7. One more thing…wanted to watch KANK precisely for the reasons outlined in my first blog comment — high praise from The Hindu and Mr. AB, and not because of Ms. Chembur.

  8. such a worthless movie, proves that big producers, well-known directors aint enough to make a good movie. It’s total disaster!!!

    KJ,SRK,AB,ABJ,RM,PJ really disapointed me…

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