Should I flickr?

The cat is out of the bag. Google has come up with picase web. Its in beta and currently has 250MB space for a user. Again as with gmail, its based on invitation based sign up.

Good thing is that Picasa desktop application is linked with the online web album. That is the coolest feature I think. So I just right-click on the photo in my desktop and say upload. It uploads on an album of my choice on the web. I think flickr cannot do this šŸ™‚

Here is my first album in Picasa web – Life @ Hyd
So I’m not going to flickr šŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Should I flickr?

  1. Dey, the biggest problem with Google Picasa Web Albums is this: It will take this application another 2 years to beat Flickr. I don’t have the time to list all, but here are some of the ways in which Flickr is far better than Picasa:

    1. Picasa Uploader sucks
    2. Flickr has a much better user interface
    3. The way Ajax has been integrated into the UI is simply outstanding (to understand this, you should upload, not just view)

    The flip side is the obviously lower usage space and the limit to the number of albums. But I think for now, I will stick to Flickr. I can make the tags do the work of virtual albums. Amen!

  2. U r crazy to say that Picasa Sucks.

    Picasa is great for
    (1) the way it scans brings all the photos from ur system
    (2) the speed of Picasa is amazing. A 1mb image in a normal desktop application how much time it takes to load? How fast does picasa load 100 snaps together?
    (3) Online albums u can manage from desktop.

    I adore the tags of Flickr.

  3. Idiot! U said Picasa Uploader sucks!
    What is Picasa Uploader?
    Picasa has a new Beta version for download which lets you upload to web-albums. That is what I understand when you say Picasa Uploader not the website.
    Be careful when you write, be patient šŸ™‚
    Anyway if they give a novel and noble way of uploading photos through Picasa Desktop, I don’t worry about Ajax Based Internet upload through their site which you harp so much in flickr.

  4. There is a built-in Picasa Uploader which opens as a separate window when you try to upload a file to the Web Albums. That particular thing sucks since it is damn slow and error prone (that has been my experience so far). It is sad that you have reviewed something without checking/noticing it in the entirety! And you call me Idiot!

  5. I cannot see any Picasa Uploader. I see Upload Photo link on left side. Its basic naive file upload stuff.

    And please get urself correct I have NEVER tried to REVIEW Picassa nor posted a detailed review in this post comparing feature by feature with Flickr.

    I have just opined my personal opinion that I have taken Picasa Account and I like Picasa Desktop (and that too just 2 features). I don’t think you have to be so much emotional. I have not bad-mouthed flickr or flickr users also.

    If you like flickr so good! I don’t give a damn.

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