Stifling Development Works

Kuttapanmars are back at it. An ambitious (ambitious in Kerala standards) flyover project near East Fort, the day of reckoning, the workers arrive in packs. Town Planning officials put on their civil engineering hats; the spade has been taken to start digging and mark the beginning of the construction of a flyover first of its kind in Trivandrum (well there is a New Theater flyover; but that was pretty necessary for crossing the rail tracks) and bang! Kuttapanmars arrive (trade unions) raise slogans and work is stalled sine die. I can imagine the situation a bunch of kuttapans in lungi’s and mundu and perhaps with their red flags and banners sitting on the road raising the Slogans.

“Sarkarintey Janadroha Nadapadikal udan nirthi vekuka; thottit illa thottit illa thotta charithram kettitlla; Inquilab Zindabad; Thoyilali Ayikkam Zindabad”

Well coming to the flyover itself; for those out of town and haven’t heard it see the pix below.

Flyover proposed

The red arrows show how the vehicles go from Thakara Parambu to Power House road choc-a-blocing busy Over Bridge Junction. And vehicles from Power House now go upto East Fort for a U turn and ply back to Thakara Parambu.

Considering the Station Terminal – II near by the flyover, it would have eased the traffic and would have been boon for travellers arriving at the station or coming from power house road and proceeding to Fort area or Srikanteswaram etc.

But we are in Kerala; dude!


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