Quick Updates…

Long time since I have updated here….

Work front:- Things going smooth read reasonably busy and still have enough lines of code to type daily 🙂  Will be going for a campus selection to REC Warangal next week. First time going for a campus recruitment. I guess it would be a good experience. On the other side feeling tensed about the questions to ask. Had it been 2/3 yrs exp. guys could have escaped with Java/SQL or PL/SQL. Now I think I need to dwelve into the bare-bones C, Data Structure, OS, gosh! I have forgot many things. Have to start preparing the questions. The biggest challenge is to prepare more variety as in campus questions leak out as and when each person steps out of the interview room 🙂

Personal front:- Time is nearing for the arrival of new member 🙂 Don’t know how drastic the changes will be in daily life 🙂

General Stuff:- Moronic Bimbo (read Sagarika) is back at her best here. Bash bash bash Hinduism, Hindu Gods, Hindu Beliefs, Hindu culture, and Hindus in general is her motto. And ironically she is given a upper hand in IBN and her blog is advertised up there at the top. And interestingly Rajesh Kumar (mallu ofcourse) has written a subtle message in IBN blogs – In Love with Lord Ayyappa . And not surprisingly this blog never came at top nor front pages of IBN. I suggest all to read the second one and do not read the first one! If woman’s right is the question here then we have far more evils in our society burkha, fatwa, talaq. Obviously the moronic bimbo doesn’t have any guts to talk about that.

Another blast; 200 killed and life moves on…..sad plight to be in India. And the worst part IBN has made a marketing blitz out of it! Well done Rajdeep! Show dead bodies, mutilated bodies, wailing relatives and advertise it to gain TRPs!! It happens only in India – marketing tragedy for commercial gains! This country sucks!! and very very badly sucking!! And there is going to be no end to it and another favor from Cong coming soon. 

Long live Jehadi! Long Live Sonia!  Long Live IBN!


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