We Have Lost!

Germans have won! I don’t believe Argentina Team Lost; they played well and matched the Germans. But Jose Packerman lost to Klinsman. I can’t believe it Cambiasso coming to take the crunch Penalty. Where was Tevez? Packerman I feel somehow thought he could hold Germany 1-0. But Ballack/Klose had some other plans.

Was sad to see Saviola, Riquelme, Messi, Crespo in the Bench when the game was going critical. And the golly made it worse for Argentina!

Germany deserved this victory! Argentina pays the price of being negative and defensive when they had the potential to go for the kill. Fortunately the game was free of blunders of refreeing as was seen through out this WC!

And at this point of time else where in Sabina Park the great Indian Captain is displaying his great calibre and skills of Cricket by scoring at 0.5 runs per over for 40 odd overs. I guess he needs to take a lesson from Argentina now 🙂 India is going to lose this test 🙂 and the only reason I see is the rot and negativism at the helm!!


5 thoughts on “We Have Lost!

  1. *R Dravid not out 18 102 2 0 17.65
    What the fuck does he think?
    Score 58-4 (41.4)

    Some die hard fans who support RD will say in a seaming pitch he has done his best!!
    What the hell at the end of day score will be India 124-all out and RD 45 n.o. in 300 balls!!
    India loses the match by an Inings and 100 runs!!
    He is a total Shitter! And the fans always misses the point.

  2. Wont that opinion of u’rs be diff now – 81 out of a total of 200. What on earth is an ass**** from Bombay doing – atleast Dravid didnt claim injury and sit in B’lore. Why blame him alone – if at all there was any hope it was when Dravid-Kumble were together – no one else even gave any semblance of stayign at the wicket.

    India goes down again – who cares. Indians dont play for victory – as an idiotic ex-PM had said – participation is important!!!! We participate and we contribute – this tours contribution – Bravo and perhaps Taylor also.

    Dhoni – i thought i had to wait till the SAfrican tour to judge him – but thanks to his exploits …..people would have realised how good a player he is…

  3. PNS

    I think you are missing out all the action at Lashing. Maestro is lashing out there.

    Here is an interesting article on the Lashings expedition of Sachin

    Making hay while sunshines 🙂

    You cannot blame him can you? After all he is earning a handsome.

    And update from Sabina Park :- WI worser than India; so after this utterly bad display the noose is not going to be tight on them 🙂 Thankyou Lara.

  4. You said it u’rself – WI worse than India – that should give u some indication of the extent to which the celebrations are on currently. Indian team won a Test Series in the Carib after 35 years – congrats period

    1) This should not hide the fact that we have defeated a team ranked just above B’desh and Zim. Ofcourse it isnt Indias fault.
    2) This should also not hide the fact that every other test playing nation has now won a test series in Carib – so India atleast to save face had to have something to show.
    3) And how can we ever compare the opposition of 70’s and 80’s to the current one

    It this series is to drive home a few points – a critical analysis if u cud call that – there still isnt a worthwhile replacement for Dravid (easily Indias best) and his years are numbered. None of the so-called talents have been able to show strength of character and now we expect these guys to go to SAfrica and face chin music. Ganguly is still missed – but for non-cricketing reasons he wudnt make it to the team. Dhoni/Yuvraj/Kaif – products of ODI have just reinforced the point that Test match cricket separates the boys from the men.

    Sachin – u know what he’s doing and i have read that article in HINDU already. But for some weak opposition he wudnt even have stats in his favour and its time for him to leave. Adelaide/Headingly/Durban/Jamaica – Dravid has stamped his authority and u have somebody stamping his against Lashings !!!!!!!!!!!! What a comparison…

    As for Lara, at 37 , he did have his moments in the Test series – the match saving century.

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