Secession of Morality

Viewers of CNN-IBN might have definitely come across the News Reporter/Anchor Sagarika Ghosh.

In India two gang of people are becoming monsters bulldozing everything on their way with out even worrying about law of land – politicians and media. Sagarika's are the witches which make up the Media Monster.

Was watching the Face the Nation the other day. QOTD was "Is India a Soft Target?"; presenter Ms. Sagarika. The first question posed by her – "In democracy is it acceptable for the police to kill terrorists at 4am and claim they have been killed when they were trying to carry out an attack?" 

I thought what a stupid and out of context question. What does she expect – to garland the terrorist and present them to media for trail? Sitting in a/c glass boxes these monsters can spew out any stupidity without any hinderance or shame in the name of freedom. 

Next one was questioning the existence of RSS (a fundamentalist org) which according to her was abetting Islamic Terrorism. I pity you Sagarika for your shallow and mean thoughts. In this country IUML and PDP are considered secular where as RSS and VHP are branded fundametalist by you. And Sagairka; Terrorism is not a by-product of Hindu fundamentalism.  Terrorism is a fact of life in India and they will attack wherever it hurts the most be it IIS, busy market and who know tomorrow it can be CNN-IBN office too. It was peevish of you drive the debate on the lines of RSS and terrorist ramifications when the whole world acknowledges Islamic Terrorism as a menace. And the most dubious part was there was not even a single pat for the policemen in the line of fire protecting the Sagarikas and aam adhimi of this country.

And if any of you have missed the classic blog from Sagarika here it is "Secession of the successful". Probably this is the most acrimonious article I have read till date supporting reservations. To counter some of the points by Sagarika.

"The Purusasukta from the Rig Veda remains a fundamental reminder of just how unequal and discriminatory Hindu society has been. Gods are supposed to be loving, gods suffer for their devotees, gods are ideals of compassion. Which other god in any world religion, except a Hindu God, cruelly declares that Brahmins are from the head, Kshatriyas from the arm, Vaishyas from the thigh, Sudras from the foot and Dalits are outcasts, not even part of the cosmic body? Where else does a religion sanction that Dalits are the perpetual filthy outsider, shoring up the Brahmin's cleanliness with his own perennial dirt? Institutionalised inequality is a shocking fact of our existence as modern Indians"

A half baked reserach and twisted concocted conclusion squarely demeaning the greatest scriptures of the world. Shame on you Sagarika to write like this on a reputed website. I guess the whole thing has been cut/pasted misrepresenting the facts. The greatest teaching of the Vedas Sagarika is "Aham Brahmasmi". It means God is within you the living being and its upto you to recognize it. Temples and Idols are just abstraction of these god for you go and worship. If you can realize the simple truth of "Aham Brhmasmi" you can see the God within you – for that you needn't be a Brahmin or Dalit. And Sagarika heard of Lord Krishna? Lord Krishna was an Yadav. Yadavs are Dalits in this country. What an irony a Brahmin purohit is doing service to a Yadava? And I fail to understand the relevance of the above lines by her in the 21st Century. All these Shudras, Vaishyas, Brahmins now are a folklore and I believe no one in the country truly practice any such discrimination now. Sagarika if you have dared to pass such an edict against Quran; the messaihs of Minorities UPA might have lambasted you and the whole nation would have fireballed by Islamic agitation. Fortunately the Hindus haven't lost their senses and tolerating this whims and fancies from monsters like you. 

"How many top industrial houses have tried to find out how many OBCs they actually employ? Has industry contributed to creating an equal society? Isn't it true that most companies employ a very small fraction of Muslims? Sure, the reason for this could be that levels of education within the Muslim community are low and there are few qualified enough to make it past the recruitment threshold. But rather than scream about the loss of merit and the fall in global competitiveness, should industry not plunge into the idealism of prosperity, where the aim of wealth creation is in the long run to create a just society?"

Sagarika do you have census about these facts which you articulating so decisively. Infact is there has been no caste based census taken after 1939 in this country. So no one knows what is the % of so called minorities are in this country let alone private sector. And don't you believe Sagarika that Industry should be competitive to survive in this globalized world? And if your morality is so high why aren't we seeing any Muslim Anchor is face the nation program? Instead of screaming about plight of muslims why don't you uplift one Muslim alone through your channel?

"Indian athletics will gain gold medals only when it is vigorously "Dalitised". If a Brahmin cannot even make himself a cup of tea, how on earth will he throw a javelin? "

A malicious attack; catapulting the morality and credibility of this devil named Sagarika. Well I don't deem it fit to respond that line from a person ("Well educated") who can stoop to this level. But I would throw up some names to her Viswanathan Anand, Javagal Srinath, Kris Srikanth, Ramesh Krishnan who have etched their place in annals of Indian sports and ironically they were Brahmins. 

"The reason why every position on reservations is now characterised by screaming from opposing unassailable fortress in which both sides shoot down dissent with the arrows of unthinking hysteria. There is simply no attempt to seek a genuine middle ground."

After reading your blogs I don't find any middle ground either Sagarika. Infact you have tried best to aggravate the situation by hurling chavunistic comments on the very basic tenets on Hindu religion and tolerance of the middle class Indian. And infact people like you will never allow this nation to come to a middle ground because your survival hinges on creating and embroiling controversies; dividing the nation.

Perhaps you have secessed your morality Sagarika or perhaps in your next performance appraisal you need to show to Rajdeep what you have contributed extra – an acrimonious blog which has generated over 250 comments from the disillusioned readers most of them questioning your temerity and morale!

God Save India from these monsters and devils of Sagrika ilk!! 


2 thoughts on “Secession of Morality

  1. Its so shocking to read sagarika’s comments and i truly feel she is just another zombie trying to make you see the truth upside down. I just cant understand how these sick mentalities come out in so- called educated people like her. Actually she knows she doesnt have anything in her to become a good news person so the best way to hide her dumbness is to go with the majority without thinking whats right or wrong. I personally feel she should be given reservations to start studying from nursery again probably with some compulsory sessions of the vedas and history of india so that she knows what really happened and why. Its really sik to read her comments.

  2. Guess u r wasting too much of time –
    1) by watching this entity on cnn and
    2) devoting an entire article to her.

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