AP Bans Da Vinci

Not surprisingly (atleast for me) AP has banned screening of Da Vinci Code; close on the heels of Brahmin basher's (DMK) decision. After all this is what you can expect from Samuel Reddy (YSR-CM); who is working relentlessly to convert Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam to a Tirumala Tirupathi Missionary.

Irony is film is being screened in Italy and Vatican and Pope has no objections. This is the glorified, much touted  Indian Democracy. Ashamed to live in this sham democracy aka hypocrisy aka minority appeasement. 


3 thoughts on “AP Bans Da Vinci

  1. Always nice to stumble upon fellow Malayalees online.

    The movie is so boring that I dont think it is of any consequnce if it shows in the Vatican or in Nazerath. It will put you to sleep within the first half an hour!

  2. Couldn’t watch/sleep the movie because radical elements in Congress Party/Christain/Muslim Community never allowed the movie to be released in a decent theater even though High Court lifted the ban.

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