Unforgettable sightings

Had a wonderful trip to Somnath, Gir, Rajkot. Here were some of the captivating moments and unforgettable memories from the trip

1. A lioness and her cute little cubs walking in full majesty; at barely 300mts away from our open gypsy at Sasan Gir.

2. Two peacocks dancing in full bounty with its feathers all spread up.

3. A huge crocodile swimming through the waters hunting for birds which come to drink water in the lake.

4. A small tank in which a Langoor, a Deer, a Peacock were standing in a line and quenching their thirst together.

5. Kesar Mangoes of Tallalla Gir. I brought 10kgs of Kesar Mangoes for 60/=. They are just deliciously YUMMY!!

These sightings will always be etched in my memory forever, alas! I didn't have a good optical zoom camera to capture this scintillating events of nature. A vacation in a jungle is so rejuvenating than a vacation spent in a hi-tech cities in US or Europe or the typical crowded vacation spots like the Ooty's and Darjeeling's. How satisfying is to be in the mother nature's lap and enjoy her creations…….I long to go to Ranthambore, Thadoba, Kanha, Kazirenga in the coming years. Corbett is another place which I want to go again and enjoy.

Apart from that had a good darshan at Somnath Siva Temple. Somnath is one of the 12 Jyotirlingams in India (Kasi, Rameswaram, Amarnath etc. are others). Somnath like Rameswaram is in the sea shore (of Arabian Sea). It was a beautiful temple and marvellously maintained. Also visited Balika Theerth where Lord Krishna was shot by a hunter and he attained the holy eternal abode leaving this earth.

Gujarat as a whole was oppressively hot; heat that burns the eyes and humidity that makes Chennai look a cropper. All in all a horrid weather; but the trip and places were so beautiful that a horrid weather was a minor dampner.

In the event I missed one of the greatest event of Proto's life – his Engagement. Hmmm….such is life.


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