Talibanizing India…..

Congress seems to be trying hard to talibanize the country for garnering vote banks.

1. It was Da Vinci Code, a simple plain fiction movie. But unwantedly Congress went over the board by inviting Catholics to view and censor the movie, when the censor board had cleared it. Who are those bloody Pope's of Mumbai and Delhi who are to decide what we the citizens of the country read, hear and watch? But Congress feels this country should be sensitive to Minority feelings even if it were to curb the freedom of expression.
2. 27% reservations in education for OBCs. A lop-sided policy shrouded in secrecy and lack of clarity. Whether creamy layer is in or out? A PM and HRD minister who doesn't have courtesy to go and see the striking docs when the striked is well into the 2nd week. Had it been a Muslim Clergy in hunger strike Manmohan and Karat and Yadav would have gone and licked their boots to appease them.

3. Kamal Nath's ultimatum to industry give 50% for obc/bc/sc/st else we will impose it on you. Just think of it when 50% of your team doesn't perform at expected level. It will suck to execute a project like that. Anyway when it comes to their forte they don't utter a word. What about 50% reservations in LS,RS,State Assemblies, Panchayats etc. But these buggers doesn't want to part their illicit revenue stream got by malice and corruption to the so called under privileged.Here is one interesting new piece in rediff  "'The common Muslim wants the clergy in politics'"  Ok now Maulvis, Moulanas and Clerics want to rule. I guess some body should bring this to the light of Congress leaders, and their sycophancy will let them come with some special formula for making reservations for the Clergy to rule India. 
Another interesting article again in rediff was Are Brahmins the Dalits of today?  This article aptly paints the picture of the so-called FCs. My own experience in RBA has been quite toeing the same lines. Ofcourse RBAKs are flying high in their career now; but a walk through the Ranthal Mudukku, Palla Therivu will show us lots of youth working in small kirana stores and temples for a paltry 20,000 per annum. Yes not all may be deserving reservations, but yes some do really need a helping hand with regard to their economic conditions. And no wonder Fort Area in trivandrum is flourishing in catering business 3 houses in 1 resorting to idli, sevai, vadai business because of want of other job opportunities. Not that this is bad nor that its not lucrative. But the point is that lack of opportunities and poverty are driving Brahmins to resort to cooking and catering businesses.

 And critics lampoon "Middle Class bother about itself alone". Then what else can the Middle class do? The Govt. is interested in collecting more and more taxes from the Middle Class and stealing their rights. Damn this Govt. Damn Sonia. Damn Manmohan.

Its obvious Manmohan's mind has lost its senses. Now Manmohanji now you can propose to reserve 5% seats to Italians too and outshine in the cabinet and appease Madamji.
One wonders how long the Singhs and Yechurys are going to wash the minority lingerie to stay in power. 


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