Glorified Democracy

Most of us seek pride in the fact that India is placed in the highest altar of democratic pedestal….

Well here is another glorifying example of Indian democracy – Muthulakshmi widow of slain Veerapan is in fray for TN Assembly elections and parties like PMK are supporting her. Motto of Muthulakshmi is "I will fight for the rights of the Tamil people, like my husband did."

Wow!! A fire-brand dacoit, criminal who has killed 200 odd elephants and 50 odd human beings is now the latest poster boy of Tamil people rights and irony politicians support them as well….

Perhaps its better than Bihar or MP or UP where Veerapan himself might have got a chance to become Minister. Is this the kind of democratic freedom we are striving for?


One thought on “Glorified Democracy

  1. If u get a chance to see “Kovai Brothers” u may not have come up with this – sarcasm to the core…though enjoyable.

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