More reservations…….

Mandal Mandal Mandal Mandal……

Manmohan and team has stooped one more level below in their minority appeasement policy. Now the proposal is to have 50% reservations in IIT and IIM, the only places of learning in India where there is a research oriented quality education imparted.
Already higher education in India is in Shambles thanks to the compromise on merit and corruption. This is the last straw, maligning the only credible temples of Education in India.

The only conclusion for this saga is 100% reservations in all places; no more debates and controversies.

Update : I read a wonderful message in Rediff, forgot his message sender's name. What he is suggesting is — If a person is given reservation in Job/Education for his upliftment, his children shouldn't be eligible for resrevations as his family has been uplifted once? This is truly ideal solution to end the Reservation menace rather than continuing this saga for years and years………

But one thing is assured Politicians are never going to eschew this carrot for attracting voters. The only hope is when those given reservations, grow up in stature and denounce this policy which has doled been out by politicians for their ulterior selfish motives.  Will India ever witness such a Generation in its future? Chances are meek……for we are churning out societies where morals, values and ethics are getting bankrupt and there are fewer and fewer people who believe in honesty and truth for success!!


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