Is Attack the Best form of Defense? – II

Yes, I have the temerity to write this post again πŸ™‚

100th Test and what a gift for the 100th Test 100-10!! A great honour to Trove for Team India Captain Rahul Dravid!! You deserve this dude.

Prem Panicker summed it up in his closing para “Except one – heart”.

How true? The onus was on Home Team, Pitch was favourable for them, Sapping heat was against Eng and over all Eng were the underdogs.Β  And press conference on Tuesday saw Indian Think tank outrageously proclaiming “We are going to win”.
Granted Sachin fickles more at the crease now a days. Sehwag has forgot to hold his bat, but the rot is at the top. Team India captain worlds greatest, techincially gifted batsman set off the timidity to cave in by batting for 10 overs scoring a mere 9 runs πŸ™‚

This is just crap, if its not crap then captain doesn’t deserve all this glowing words of tribute and words poured on him by his aficionados. Leaders lead by example, here we have a great leader who rots the whole Indian cricket by his timidity and lack of will to fight. Mr. RD you don’t deserve to win even one match from here on with Indian team under your tutelage.

Now some crazy fellows/fans of RD will justify again and again RD by comparing scoring rate of Collingwood with RD or comparing RD with his peers. Only weak hearts will get a pretext of cover of someone else’s failure to justify their failure.


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