3 movies in 3 weekends

After a long hiatus I have started going to movies again πŸ™‚ Last time if my memory serves me right I went to the theater was for Swadesh.
It was quite strange that I haven’t been going to theaters which I used to flock once in a week or two for last 10yrs or so from +2. Partly because of no choice available here apart from the dumbo Telugu and Hindi flicks which doesn’t enthuse much. English movies are not releasing at pace with other cities in Hyd. And another major reason is you never get tickets in any theater if we just walk in. Considering the distance travelled its unworthy to go and try the luck to grab tickets.

Now with PVR in town, online booking is coming quite handy which allows payments too online. So no hassles of going early to collect tickets too πŸ™‚

Ok coming to movie part the movies I watched were Taxi 9211, RDB and Bus Conductor (Malayalam). Well, third entry might be surprising. Yes, malayalam movies do release in one of the multiplexes here, which run only one show on Sat. and Sun. Till now what I have seen is those movies which haven’t raked up good collection in Kerala just come here and run for 2 or 4 shows.Β  The reason might be that distribution charges might be low for flops πŸ™‚ Like finding water in desert, all mallus in Hyd flock these shows whatever odd the show timings are(sometimes they are at 8.30AM on Sat/Sun, ghosh! is that the time to dress up for a movie?). Any way this time around timing was good 11.30 AM and I grabbed the tickets 24hrs before the show and lucky enough to get few of the last 10 tickets and was privileged to watch the movie before many others in the hall (sat in 2nd row, this was a old joke).
Ok coming to the movie review, 9211 and RDB were really good and worth the money. Though one cannot compare them, each has its own footing. 9211 is up there because of stellar Nana and RDB because of its innovative presentation and story. Bus Conductor, I went with zero expectations so I thought it was ok movie. First half was real good and racy showcasing the private buses and their inter-rivalries in Kerala Roads. 2nd half dragged sentimentally, shed lot of tears, hero getting back stabbed out of his house, loses his job(bus), finds girl friend and associated melodrama with her parents and brother,Β  unaccounted pregnancy from a lady and hero takes up responsibility because of his largesse to protect his nephew from any harm, all suspicions on hero and nostalgic songs remembering family get-togethers……and as usual turbulent waters settle and all live together. Typical Malayalam stuff. But ok from Shaadi karogi? Shaadi mujshe karrogi? Shaadi ke pehley din, Meri Yaar ki shaadi I suppose.


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