Is Attack the best form of defense?

No, thinks Dravid. 540 balls 360 runs, insurmountable by statistic books.

Taking cue from proto’s post here You don’t want people whose own insecurities, whose own problems and whose own fears drag everyone else down.

Well today they are going to come unscatched before Eng. on a dead dustbowl. We had witnessed the worst not long ago, in Banglore and Karachi when Indians were up against a hill with Pakistan. Defensiveness ushered in at top by Dravid led to flurry of wickets and comprehensive defeat. Today, well there is going to be a sparing. I wonder if this is the best possible way to play. Infact captain’s “Fear of Failure” bogging down others too and such negative cricket is not going to do any good for the cause of Test Cricket and people start complaining why Test Crickets interests among public are dwindling.

I don’t want to see 369 from 540 but a mere 270 would have been satisfying for thousands who have come for entertainement. And make no mistake No Body is interested in seeing notebook techniques or exemplary defensive techniques that too on a dead rubber. What we want is spirit, spirit of fight, spirit to conquer a fighting loss would be pardoned but cowardice is unpardonable. Dravid is repeating this unpardonable mistake time and again when things slightly look difficult.  May be as a captain he would not want to squander is his record by registering one loss as against a draw. But what distinguishes between champions and mollycoddlers is the spirit and urge to be positive.

And some wise men think when Dravid is gone Indian team falls like heap of cards, let it fall who cares? We want to see some positiveness rather than spineless caving in for no good!!

That is where Dhoni’s Pathan’s make a huge difference eventhough not boasting technique its the temparament to remain positive, fight positively and eventually lose or win bravely that matters rather than a meek surrender. And this makes a huge difference when scepticism and insecurities are ruling the roost!


2 thoughts on “Is Attack the best form of defense?

  1. Some reverberations in cricinfo too on this
    “Dravid, by contrast, pootled along as if playing for his place, making 40 off 122 balls in the first innings and 46 off 161 up to tea on Sunday. England bowled well at him, Monty Panesar especially, but even so, 86 off 283, on a flat pitch against a depleted attack, is the sort of passive, boring, blinkered performance that cricket lovers of the past suffered for too long.”

    It was funny when I heard Dravid saying “We want to scare England”. Had the 11.4 overs being played probably India would have lost the match beacuse of reputed batsman like Kaif, Laxman, Sachin will fail 9 out of 10 times under pressure!
    Thanks to Bad Light I guess Rahul Dravid survived a scare!!

    No one to blame other than himself….

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