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I have successfully completed the course I was taking in ICFAI. Now I’m officially certified by ICFAI with title “Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management” 🙂

Quite satisfying in the sense that I was able to complete at one point of time I was feeling that money is going to the drains, as I didn’t put any effort for 1yr. Last 1yr has been quite fruitful in this accord. Marraiges so do have some impact 😉

I’m sure this is not going to fetch me any new Jobs or promotions. But I have gained some knowledge through this exercise. Also it was very pleasant experience preparing for University exams, writing essays, using scientific calculators,  last minute preparations and tensions. A nostalgia trip down the memory lane through the yester years. And may be in Service companies like Infy if I apply they may give some weightage to the domain knowledge if they have suitable opening. Having said that I don’t want to be a domain or functional consultant. I am happy doing class designs, UMLs and Java.


2 thoughts on “Another Tag

  1. Apple, Congrats on yet another achievement in life. These little things go a long way in deciding what you become, and where you go in life, and more importantly how you evolve as a human. So keep up the good work, and start the countdown to you-know-what :).

  2. Congrats. “..A trip down memory lane….” – thats the best part perhaps. Things which perhaps wont come back…An Oracle may not care a damn abt it ..but as long as u get to enjoy it…it is worth it.

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