Amazing drives

I’m loving it!!— the new look hyd roads.

Kudos to Sanjay Jaju the new MCH Commisner. The entire stretch spanning about 20km from Panjagutta to Gachibowli is converted to 6 lane track in just 3 months. All roads are now black top with white lines separating the tracks. Night time gives exhilirating exp. when the reflectors implanted on side of tracks just embellish the roads….

Till last month what used to resemble like B’lore jams and potholes this facelift has placed roads notches ahead of the nightmare of b’lore…… G says many stretches resemble like US roads with small plants and trees jotting the sidelines and dividers……..all needs to be seen to be believed.

Atleast next 1yr I guess this would save Hyd. from snarls in these stretches until another vehicle population explosion takes place.

All said and done, the fact is that Hyd (leaving apart old city) is cleaner city compared to b’lore, chennai, pune….cities which i had been seeing in the last 3yrs….. and watch out some new flyovers are in the anvil in next 6months.

Way to go!


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