l’affaire Q

Gross Irreverence to Law of land, Ethics and Moral Conduct — epitomizes the present day govt. in India shamelessly headed by Dr. Singh

Q Affair the latest straw…….

Circa past few months

Toppling Drama Goa/Bihar. Besmirching Indian polity and democracry.

Unaided college reservations, 50% reservation in AMU. Minority Bashing.

Spooky deals with US in nuclear front. Does any one know the truth and facts?

Iraqi oils and kickbacks. Sincure Ministers.

Going soft on B’desh infilitration for the sake of not hurting Muslim sentiments.

Dumping Iran pipeline. Sudden hostility.

FBTs and Hidden taxes for milking the honest tax payer.

National Employment Guarantee Bill — the greatest ever option for all and sundry Babus to harvest crores of tax payer money.

And now, Insurance for the poor — another scandal to be rocking soon; open admission that we the Govt. are not going to provide a basic Health Center nor Medical College to you poor! You go and treat yourself in Apollo, we will pay for your Insurance premium for this treatment!! Demoniac idea filliping more money laundering.

The culmination would be — 50% job reservations in Private Sector, triggering an wide spreading endemic to the social fabric of the country and bringing a sense of insecurity amongst honest and upright people.

Can anyone suggest any positives?


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