Quotas and More Quotas….

I guess the time is nearing for us, the Indian Citizen especially so-called Forward Community People to brace up a new discrimination to be laid down by the democratically elected Government of this country — Reservations in Pvt. Sector.

Given the Congress track record and RJD, CPI, SP dirty vote bank politics its very much possible that this bill will be introduced and if needed Constitution will be amended.

Earlier UPA govt. did a ghastly job of amending Constitution by providing quota’s in unaided institutions and the shock was when they excluded minority institution from its purview.

This cheap, dirty, flirthy guys who sit inside the parliament are the biggest bane to this country and its our utter fate that we have them at our helm and no doubt they are working twice hard to take retrograde steps to build a hostile environment for the common FC middle class people.

It’s another irony that they themselves have washed off their hand when it comes to giving 33% quota for women in parliament and these a$$ holes need to preserve their power and position always for life time.

It’s really sickening, distressing and disheartening to live a life in this country rather a country made like this by the iffiness of top brass.

Rediff opened a message board for this topic, and its good read that atleast 100’s of Indians share the same thought as I am doing.



2 thoughts on “Quotas and More Quotas….

  1. does anyone out there have any information on how you can get a fake OBC certificate done??????? Going by the way these people are going, i think the only way in which students from the general category are going to get admissions in the good institutions. Or, maybe say about 5 years or so from now, thjese same people up there will againg make amendments in the constitution and then reserve seats for general category, coz by then the general category will be the minority.
    Absolutely ridiculous…. Do they have any idea as to waht the hell they are upto? And the most surprising in this entire saga is the fact that the PM has given a nod to this bullshit. I mean, he is a sensible man.well, atleast we would lke to believe that. Such actions from him are totally uncalled for. On one hand when the economy is booming, the need for trained professionals in every field is increasing, when such illogical decisions are taken by the govt, which will put off the dreams and aspirations of thousands of students… Why should the others suffer for the sake of OBC. Its almost become a crime to be an non reserved class candidate. Pathetic.
    There is no problem in encouraging backward classes from taking higher education, but not at the cost of other students. IF u are really interested in providing higer education to the under priviliged, then open new insstitutions or increase the number of seats in existing govt institutions, not eat in on the seats of other seats.
    The only way this nonsense is gonna stop is if there is a united effort from the entire student, academic, and intellectual community. Please stand up as one against this ironic and completely hypocritical decision, or else, convert to SC, ST, OBC, Physically handicapped, or any other reserved class…………

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