No more “Bangaloored”

Hithertho Bangalore, To be Bengaluru

Hypocrisy at its best? Mannin Maga Deva and Dharam wants to shoot to fame by playing this ridiculous politics of Name Changing which they seems to believe that Kanadigas are craving for. May be or may not be!

According to the folklore Bangalore was christened Benda Kaal Ooru by a king named Vira Ballala, which by usage polished itself into Bengaluru. Now it would have been apt if the Mannin Magas rechristened Bangalore as “Benda Kaal Ooru?. Now with this Tamilians would find it easy to call it “Venda Kai Ooru?. Mallus can call it “Bendam Kaal Oorum?, after all mallus are known to be Kaalu Vaari’s. So lets make it “Benda Kaal Ooru?, let’s go to Brigadu Roadu through the pot-holesu and traffic-jamsu.

Jokes apart, Bangalore is a brand name, which is being projected and built by the contribution of lots of Mannin Magas and non-Mannin Magas. Each and every individual who is part of the city has his right to be a party to this rebranding and his voice should be heard before this ludicurous move.

And who is going to bear the cost of rebranding, repainting, reprinting. Mannin Magas Dharam and Deva should be considerate enough to contribute to this fund of rebranding rather than wasting tax-payers money.

“Buildings age and become dilapidated.

Machines wear out.

People die.

But what live on are the brands.” (Sir Hector Laing, Group CEO, United Biscuits Plc)  


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