A sinecure is made!

 Natwar Singh the (dis)honourable External Affairs Minister is stripped of his first two words in his portfolio. He now remains a Minister. What a pity? Get all the salary and benefits still no work!!

Well in IT parlance I can say he is a minister in Bench. Ok, in Bench we are supposed to brush up on our technical side and functional knowledge and learn to improvise ourselves for the benefit of the organization. Now lets hope that Mr. Natwar too do his bit by finding where else can he helping himself like he did in Iraq. Ofcourse our Ministers primary and sole job now a days is just helping themselves rather than the poor idiots who elected them.

Another interesting article on this OFFP-Congress dramatics I read here

One thing I differ though, is our PM doesn’t need a tag of poor man, a man with integrity or honesty or Mr. Clean and all such flowery adjectives. Personally I feel abetting/turning blind eye to corruption,malice, power grabbing is as good as doing them. If only one man can prevent all this ie the PM. But I suppose that man doesn’t have his head firm on his shoulders nor his back stable. If he can’t do it let him resign this post and prove his so called integrity. Another man who is in parlance with our PM is Antony of Kerala. He is just a bullshit good for nothing CM Kerala has ever got. Instead of this let them do corruption plus some development work too!! rather than doing corruption alone.


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